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Services: Shotcrete

Shotcrete is pneumatically placed concrete typically ranging in thickness from 2" to 24" thick. It is applied to create a concrete fascia for permanent and temporary earth retention systems.

Shotcrete is cost effective because it does not require the use of forms and can be installed quickly, often accelerating the project schedule. In the past, a disadvantage of shotcrete has been its rough and unattractive appearance in permanent installations.

TBH specializes in sculpted shotcrete. This process, in which the shotcrete is stained and textured to match nearby geologic formations, allows shotcrete to blend seamlessly into the environment. A carved shotcrete structure saves time and provides an attractive, natural looking, yet structurally sound retaining wall.

Click here to download a brochure (38MB PDF) from the American Shotcrete Association for more shotcrete information.

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